Mediterranean Museum: Guided tour

Visita al museu en llengua anglesa

DURADA:  1h 30 min

Price: € 4,50 / € 2,00 with subsidy

Material: from the Museum’s exhibition rooms.

Recommendations: If you choose the Museum visit as a second activity, you will be given a discount of half a euro per student.

Observacions: Adaptem la visita al nivell d'anglès de cada grup



The Museum of the Mediterranean offers an educational, participatory and interactive space at which to discover the extraordinary natural and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean area. The example of the local surroundings is used to introduce visitors to sounds and music, the aromas, the animals that live there and its history so they can find out what the Mediterranean is all about. The activity ends with a panoramic audiovisual showing the landscape, the people who live there and today’s challenges in the Mediterranean area.


  • The Mediterranean concept as an element that is part of us.
  • Showing the diversity of Mediterranean landscapes using the local surroundings and their need for protection.
  • Getting to know the Museum through contents that are organised into three major blocks: nature, history and music.
  • Encouraging the values of tolerance, dialogue and a culture of peace as the only way to resolve problems between the people and countries of the Mediterranean. Showing that our wealth is based on diversity and dialogue.

Step by step

Introduction. Visit to the Museum and closure with the audiovisual entitled “The Challenges of the Mediterranean”.

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